Win up to N15, 000 with just ₦35 every 20 minutes by answering 10 simple questions in just 10 minutes every day.

All you have to do is just think, play and win.

Playing FastPlay24 is as easy as riding a bike.How?

Simply sign up, log in, verify your email address, fund your account with a minimum of ₦500 and when the “Join Game” button appears, join the game and answer ten (10) questions within ten (10) minutes to win instant cash prizes. Time is money. The earlier you join a game session, the better your chances of winning big. You can skip a question and return to it so long as the 10 minute timeline hasn’t elapsed.

Speed and Accuracy is the key

The game test’s you on speed and accuracy. Meaning, you have to think fast and answer all questions correctly in time. That’s why we named it FastPlay24. The number of winners is ten percent (10%) of the total number of players per session. The first set of people to get all answers correctly will win the prize money. All players, both winners and losers get a five naira (N5) bonus for any game played. The game runs twenty-four hours (24 hours) seven (7) days of the week. There is a 20 minute interval between each game. So that you can take a break because we know you need to do other things and also rest.

How much can I win in a Game session?In each game session you can win a up to fifteen thousand naira (N15, 000 or more) if the session has exactly 10,000 players at the end of the game and if you are the first to answer all ten (10) questions correctly within the stipulated time and a minimum of five naira (N5) whether you finish last or get all answers correctly or not. This five naira (N5) bonus goes to all players. The system dynamically calculates your expected Earnings and displays it to you at the end of the game session. The earlier you finish up the higher your chances of winning big. More players can still join the game after you have answered all ten questions so long as the ten minute session has not elapsed. This has an effect on your Earnings, as there are chances of it increasing or reducing minimally, depending on the number of players at the end of the game.





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