Let’s be real, it’s impossible to stay under the same roof for nine months without making out. Your estrogen and progesterone levels rise as the baby develops, they cause changes in your body that boost libido.

Sex during pregnancy increases intimacy and helps the woman to stay fit.

Woman on top
This position is great because you can control the penetration and also how your belly is situated.

Her legs are in a comfortable position too, either bent at the knees of the mattress or extended on either side of your partner.

Spooning style
Spooning is a natural position for shallow penetration. It is a great position for women in their third trimester because it allows the woman to rest her belly comfortably against the mattress while enjoying the action.

From behind
This go-to sex position is a great alternative during pregnancy. The woman kneels on a couch with her belly facing the back of it. Then use her arms for support. The man penetrates from behind doing all the hard work.


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