United States President, Donald Trump on Monday stirred

controversy online after he referred to President

Muhammadu Buhari as ‘Lifeless’

Trump made the statement shortly after a meeting

between the two leaders on April 30, Financial Times

reported on Monday.

Buhari, the first sub-Saharan Africa president to meet

Trump since he was sworn in January 2017 as the 45th

American president, was in the US for bilateral talks on

Trump’s invitation.

The meeting, according to the Newspaper, ended with

Trump saying he never wanted to meet someone as

lifeless as Buhari again.

However, this has stirred divergent opinions online as

some agreed with Trump calling for Buhari not to seek re-

election in 2019.

@LordSheriff “Another low for Nigeria, now that even the

US has seen how unfit Buhari is to lead Nigeria. The

resolve to send him back to Daura has never been


@Abangmercy “Trump’s alleged remark is something to

worry about, we might not like our President’s Policies

but jubilating that a man that is almost same age as him

even if he was younger but to refer to the Nigerian

President as “Lifeless” is rather unfortunate – Buhari

represents us all.”

@7Biafra “Truth is painful to liars, Buhari is lifeless

represent the Fulani and the Hausa with the rest of

JIHADIST group in Nigeria, Buhari that have kill thousands

of my people do not represent me and my whole people of

Biafra, Buhari is lifeless as TRUMP state it if that is true.”

@Koopreh “Describing Buhari as “Lifeless” is perhaps the

most depressing thing you’ll read today as a Nigerian. But

is Donald Trump right about the state of the man? Many

Nigerians agree with the US president! It takes a lifeless

leader to run Nigeria aground the way Buhari has.”

@SweetMomdee “I think I will be more surprised if Trump

praised Buhari.”

@Mistereldeexl “I agree with Trump on this one. Nigerians

really messed up in 2015 but the sad thing is some of us

want to repeat the same mistake in 2019. We deserve


@MrStanleyNwabia “If Trump feels this way about Buhari,

wait till he meets Buhari supporters (People that are mad)

@JohnGrace “Buhari does not deserve to be President of

Nigeria.Trump said he never wants to meet someone

lifeless again. Buhari must go 2019, enough of this


@ Tutsy22 “Even 72 -year- old Trump says Buhari is


@OkoroNwadi “Did Trump say that? But the truth must be

told, PMB should not be who Nigeria should front as their


@Saucekode “First it was ‘Shithole’ now it is ‘Someone so

lifeless’ Nigeria we need a better upgrade.”


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