Unless you are still business partners with your ex, there is no need wasting your time chatting with him or her when there are other opportunities knocking at your door.

If he really wants to know what is happening in your life, he wouldn’t have left you in the first place. Move on with your life and do something that you are passionate about.

Don’t respond right away
Although you broke up amicably and have chosen to remain friends, answering their text right away means they have an important role in your life.

Whether you are dating or not, don’t make them feel you are readily available whenever he wants to chat or hang out.

You broke up for a reason and you should move on with your life.

Don’t jump into a conversation
It’s absolutely cool to be friends after a breakup but shouldn’t give them a shoulder to cry on when they have family or relationship issues. He or she doesn’t want you in their life hence you should know how to communicate with them.

They meddle in their issues and try to be their savior. You were doing that for them and it yielded no results. Just keep the conversation casual and short.
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Don’t let it affect you
Always remember why you broke up when dealing with an ex. It was painful but you are over him and you have moved on. You are not obliged to pick his calls or reply to his messages. Focus on what makes you happy and look for the right life partner who will treat you well.


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