In simple terms, a Social Media Influencer is a social media user who has established credibility in a specific field. He or she has access to a large audience and can persuade others by virtue of their authenticity and reach. Now the question is, how can one become a successful Social Media Influencer? We have identified 8 steps to make it happen. Enjoy, share, flourish.

Find a niche

What are you good at? Then, what are you passionate about? Is it football analysis, make up, comedy, reviewing movies? Whatever it is, identify it, and make it your niche. Even if you can do multiple things, make one niche yours and own it.

Stand out

In a Social Media space where everyone is doing everything, you have to stand out to be different. You have to do something unique, something nobody is doing. Even if people are doing it, yours has to have a distinction, if not you’ll be just like everyone else, and be lost in the pool of the norm.

Create great and original content

As an influencer, you are a content creator by default. Even if all you do is smile for the cameras, you are creating content. And for people to be influenced, that content has to be great, has to appeal to them. Originality also goes a long way. So, begin with a strategy; ask yourself questions like, “what do I want to do, how do I want to do it, what do I need to do it, when do I do it?” etc, then create timelines and schedules. Invest if you have to – on tools, equipments, etc. Then create great content that will bring people to your page(s)

Pick your platform

Talking about pages, it is important that you pick a platform that is most important to what you’re doing and make it your base. Put majority of your resources into that channel where you get the most engagement, focus and grow it. If it is Twitter, focus and grow it. If it is Instagram, same. If it is YouTube, keep churning out content. With time, you can spread to other platforms.


Imagine spending all these time, energy and resources to get to the point where you have great content but nobody sees it. Chai. In simple words, you have to promote your art. Major platforms have made it easy to promote content via native ads. You can also share with your friends and ask them to reshare for you. All na promotion.


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