No hope from trump to give us referendum,our destiny is in our hands.its now or never

​At the United Nations on Tuesday, Ambassador Nikki Haley spoke about the protesters in Iran, saying, ” We must not be silent, the people of Iran are crying for freedom”. After reading from Fox News, this statement from the USA Ambassador to the United nations, I am forced to ask, why have USA remained silent as Biafrans die in their numbers in Nigeria. Does it mean that Biafrans does not deserve freedom? We should not forget that it took just demonstration from some Iranians and the USA is already out speaking for them. Then why is the United States Of America silent over the plight of Biafrans in Nigeria?

Biafrans fought a war in 1967. This war raised a very huge humanitarian crisis and questions. No rule of engagement was honoured, as Nigeria supported by Britain, Russia and Egypt kept on bombing everything that moved. They blockaded Biafra, using hunger as a legitimate weapon of war. Their fighter jets bombed schools, hospitals, civilian houses, farmlands and market places. My own grandmother (of the blessed memory) narrated to me how she escaped death in Orie Akokwa market in present day Imo state. According to her, the plane was too low, everybody ran, some into the bushes, and others running up and down, with no particular place to run to. The fighter jet dropped the killer bombs without the bomb exploding. She thought it was over. No sound heard. Nothing! It turned out to be an unexploded bomb that suddenly went off. 

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