Mbaka is angry because I refused to make him CAN President,he is a fake prophet-buhari fires back at mbaka 

Buahri Exposed How Much He Gave Mbaka To Campaign For Him – Said His Prophecy About Atiku Winning Him (Buhari) Is fake.

In a statement released today, buhari pointed out that he is not afraid of the Warnings coming from Father Mbaka.

This same man, is the man that campaigned for me, not only that, i promised to make him the president of Can association of Nigeria, am not just bordered about his speech, because it will not hold water buhari said…

Remember weeks ago, Mbaka have allegedly prophesied that Nigerians will not vote for Buhari again, because there is hunger in the land, that Buhari have failed totally. Therefore Mbaka endorsed Atiku for president 2019, which has made Buhari to fire back at him hard

Buhari said that Mbaka should not in any way be trusted as a prophet of God, he did not only campaign for me, he collected money, hoping to be the next president of CAN, I wonder what Atiku have promised him this time around.

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