Killing of Don Wanny is a distraction,regious jihadists responsible for the new year massacre in Rivers,Govt covering them up

By Russell bluejack 

Don’t tell me that you believe that Don Wanny killed those returnees from Crossover Service on New Year morning in Omoku!  Do cultists in our state behave like that?  Cultists go for their rivals.  Cultists engage one another in power tussle over who controls a territory.  ONELGA,  where you have Omoku , has always been a flashpoint of cult clashes in Rivers State. There was never a time that churchgoers were targeted. What happened in Omoku was a clear case of religious jihad.  It is quite unfortunate that we always find conquered fellows as occupants of our various government houses in Biafraland 
When Ahoada beheadings took place,  we all knew it was cult rivalry for supremacy. The wave moved to Ogoni sometime ago,  where cult rivalry made us lose more lives.  In all of these cases there was never a time returnees from Church were ambushed and shot at.  Don Wanny has never attacked unarmed Christians. God knows I hate cultists, but I will be a fool to believe that a criminal Biafran  like Don Wanny could kill unarmed Christians. Haba!
I heard that Gov. Wike put a bounty on his head,  but was it not this same governor that we heard empowered Don Wanny through Bro. Felix Obuah?  Did Don Wanny not attend the burial of Obuah’s late father in a grand style?  Was Gov. Wike not present in that meeting?  Why was Don Wanny not arrested that day?  What these governments do  is to encourage and support the criminal activities of our youths and kill them when they are done with them. 
Don Wanny is not a good person, no doubt,  but I think he could have been reformed and trained to become a  commander in the army that must guard BIAFRA territory some day. Our governments are responsible for the criminal acts of our youths.  Now that they have killed Don Wanny , have they killed his boss? This is what they do to our youths in BIAFRA.  They corrupt our youths,  use them,  and when these youths become uncontrollable, they waste them.  Human life means nothing to our politicians. Our politicians just keep working with our enemies to kill us.  
The real criminals and cultists we have in Biafraland are the politicians. They are the ones that corrupt our young boys and girls. Our politicians should stop killing our youths in Biafraland.  If I had the opportunity to talk to Don Wanny, he would have changed for good.  I have made some hoodlums in Biafraland embrace education and drop their tools.  We must work hard to remove our youths and future soldiers from the grips of very corrupt politicians in Biafraland.  Let us find a way to provide employment for our youths in the coastal and hinterland parts of BIAFRA. I feel for your youths. The Fulani protect their youths while our politicians kill ours.  This has to stop.

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