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What Your Choice Of Condoms Says About Your Personality

There exists today a wide array of styles, flavours and features of condoms than there has ever been.
From regularly lubricated to Glow-in-the-dark, everyone is open to numerous types which not only suits individual personalities but the package as well.
It is a good thing to always have a condom handy to avoid unwanted problems especially since you never know when you may need one, but you may also wish to know that the type of condom you pull out of your pockets can give your partner an inkling into the type of person you are.
If you’re interested in knowing what lies behind condom choices, check out our none scientific theories regarding what your condom choices say about you.
Magnum condoms are meant for the guys that literally have a member as large as a horses’. If you’re the type of man that stocks this, chances are you’re trying to impress every woman you come across with.
This condom tells your partner that you’re the flashy type and that you want every woman to know that if they want a guy with a big penis, you’re the way to go.
Depending on the weather, everyone enjoys some warm sensations. The warming condom provides the ideal warm sensations especially in cold weather and her thoughts of you are of someone that wants to snuggle and cuddle.
A flavored condom provides an insight into your mind and thought processes. Your choice of Banana flavoured condoms points to your great sense of humour while chocolate flavours indicate that you want to seduce her.
Strawberry flavoured condoms on their part is an indication that you’re a straightforward person. Flavoured condoms generally tell people that you’re conscious of the smell that comes from your sexual activity and you want your partner to be as relaxed as possible.
What other reason would a man want to go for a non-lubricated condom than for a woman who is always wet? If your partner doesn’t fall into this category it’s best you do yourself and her a favour by getting a lubricated version.
If you get a non-lubricated condom, she probably thinks you have a complete misconception of how the female body works or you had a pretty terrible experience with a woman with a slimy honey pot.
Regular Lubricated
This one is the most common and gets its fame for its safe and effective nature. If you’re the type of man that carries a regular Lubricated condom about, you’re probably conscious of your health and won’t want to get catch an infection from an unprepared sexual romp.
You want to be safe at all times even though your predictability and reliability is not in doubt. You’re however uncreative but you can be relied upon even in the most disturbing situations.

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