We expected Ipob to die after tagging it terrorists,but we are disappointed they are stronger,have int’l backup

By Chika Austine
Since the tagging of IPOB “a terrorist group” by the Nigerian Army and Government, many social analysts are waiting impatiently, how the IPOB quest for freedom will fizzle out. Also, how the international community will respond to the occasion. Today, both IPOB and international community response are indeed coming contrary to the Nigerian Government and her compliances expectations.
If there is anything the post terrorist tag activities of IPOB has taught, it is that one should not allow dissenting voices define him and his vision. Nigeria went obviously extreme in unleashing her last and only arsenal (the terrorist) tag. That is what you see in a country where sentiment instead of sense rules her policy initiators. Tagging of IPOB a terrorist group would have been their last card, when they have succeeded in pushing us into picking up arms. Being convinced, that Biafrans are not rushing towards arms lift, Nigeria ruined her image with that most mocked act of tagging IPOB a terrorist group.
The first shock they got was to see the supposed to be hiding terrorists in the court, challenging the locus standi of the tag. Surprisedly, it is Nigerian government that has been hiding since then from court like the terrorist. IPOB is obviously drafting through her modus operandi, a system of freedom fighting the world especially UN will inculcate in her charter in future when Biafra has gone.
Apart from the Anambra election that it massive boycott was a strong message to the zoo kleptomaniac politicians, IPOB has indeed taken the bull by its horn. She has wrecked down the contraption and today, the zoo is rated in the same rate with somalia and Afghanistan in the current rating.
The locally tagged terrorist is globally accepted as the most decent and intellectual guided people. In South Africa, IPOB don’t just only run an office, but she is giving an access to SA airwave. Same in US, Malaysia and of course, UK. Today, Germany has granted IPOB an administrative office in Germany. Remember it is happening after the zoological zoogeria told the world we are terrorists. What a honour! Are you aware that the best way to attract respect abroad is to be called Biafran. The name Nigeria represents, evil, backwardness, illiteracy, corruption, terrorism, monkey pox, rape, failed state, kidnapping, herdsman killing, unemployment, hunger, madness, death, no light, cemetery, and other horrors.

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