Top 6 Reasons To Marry A Yoruba Woman

The Yoruba Tribe are one of the Best Tribe in the World, Below are Top 6 Reason why you should Marry one soon

1. They are Respectful

The Yoruba Woman are extra-ordinary Respectful as they all have one thing in common LITTLE or NO self-Esteem

2. They are Good Cook

In fact when it comes to cooking Noodles, they are the best, and thats the only food they can cook right.
3. They are Submissive to Husband
Most Yoruba Women are Very Submissive as they have no choice because They Never use their brain in thinking, so that i’ve them to agree and never object what the husband says.

4. They are Good at Taking Care of Kids

They are pretty good at being a nanny as they all are Jobless and have little or nothing to do

5. They end up being Witches

An average Yoruba Woman is a witch… And they take good care of you

6. Add Yours?


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