Daniel Nkem new Episodic Novel, Titled “The Catalyst” is upon us

The Catalyst in the author’s words is a “Mind-Blowing, out of this world” episodic novel that captures the story of a Guardian angel, Michael, who struck a bet with God to do the impossible. Michael, is assigned as princess’s guardian angel, to watch over little princess as she is born into the world and make sure she comes back to her creator, in one piece, as kind and full of life just as God made her.

Michael finds himself in a rather awkward situation as Princess is born into hardship, heartbreak, pain and a lot of sorrow. Michael has to do everything possible to fulfill his part of the bet. Well, that is going to be one hell of a ride for Michael.

The Catalyst would be released exclusively on every Sundays and Wednesdays starting from on the 10th of December, 2017.

Characters to watch out for

  1. Michael – The Guardian Angel
  2. Princess – The Main Chracter
  3. Brian – *******************
  4. Gloria – Princess’s Mom
  5. Emeka – Princess’s Dad

Chapters : 20



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