Biafrans have proven that they are no more part of Nigeria by their election boycott,its time we come in-UN

The Information reaching the news desk of Biafra post has it that after the unimaginably boycott of local council and

Chairmanship election in Akwaibom State Biafra land, The international

communities are overwhelmed and 100% convinced that Biafrans are ready to exit

this contraption called Nigeria, and have decided to heap more support on IPOB

the Indigenous People Of Biafra led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to see that no village,

town, community or tribe will be left out in Biafra restoration. Not even a

house will go back to Nigeria again. Starting from Idoma,  Igala, Bakassi down

to Izon Igbanke etc are Biafra land and not Nigeria. We must tighten our belt

and embrace the new nation. Support  the mid2018 upcoming Biafra referendum

,#SuportBiafraexit2018 We are all Indigenous people of Biafra. 
#God bless Nnamdi 

#God bless biafrans worldwide.

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