Music is one of the greatest examples of make-or-break in this world. It’s a worthy career to pursue as well as one of the best businesses to invest in. However, just like every other business out there, you have to be successful at it, and to be successful, you have to be known. You gas blow!
Mastering music isn’t easy because there are usually a lot of hiccups, potholes, scammers, pirates, and many other obstructions you have to deal with to get your good music to your audience and fans. Because of the all the above, many people aren’t keen on going into music (even thought they have the obvious talent for it,) cos they feel they wouldn’t blow. However, if you can relate with the four signs below, then there is every indication that you will be a successful musician.
You dream big
Imagination is a major key! You have to be a big dreamer. You can’t get to the level of the likes of Davido and Wizkid without imagining it first. It all starts in your mind so if you don’t want to be a musician cos you don’t see yourself blowing, then you have to change that mindset. That’s the first step to actually getting there. All you need is to know you can — and you will.
Your taste in music is impeccable
If you’ve got good taste in music, and you have a good ear and a sweet tooth for songs with high musical standards, then it’s also an indication that you can be successful in your music career. For example, if you love singing soul but you spend your time listening to fuji music regularly, then you clearly have your priorities misplaced. However, if you instead love the likes of Asa and Omawunmi, then you have taken another great step to becoming a musician. Also, if you know good musicians that aren’t popular, then you are on a level better than others.
You care about about music than money
Even though you can make money from music, if to you it’s more about expressing yourself than for the money and fame, if music is your passion rather than just an initial method to pay the bills, then that’s another great sign. Also, if you’re the kind of person that will rather sit in your room and write a song or practice playing a musical instrument than going to clubs, then music is actually for you.
You are patient and you have a lot to get off your chest
You are a patient person, willing to learn, while also having the drive and determination to see things through. Most importantly, you have something to say with your music. You have positive messages to pass across. Maybe you’ve had your heart broken too many times, or you just have a lot of pent up feelings and emotions you want to release, that alone can give you like 2 albums. Two really really good albums.

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