They are afraid because biafra will bring the fall of Britain and white supremacy over africa

“Biafra this, Biafra that.  What is this noise that has become the norm?  Can we hear something else!” That was a disturbed man from the West ululating bitterly about Biafra.  He had been so tormented by recent developments to the gamut that he had gone berserk and would most probably take to the streets stark naked, if something drastic is not done. Like Obasanjo’s demonic pronouncement some months ago,  this worried man thinks Biafra has become a national scourge. Is this how issues concerning God’s own nation disconcert the naysayers?  I watched in awe and gross bewilderment as this father twisted and wriggled like a matched maggot. This self-caused perturbance has become the portion of all those standing against the freedom of the people of God. 
“O Lord God,  what is happening to this country? Why is nothing working? How do we salvage the situation? These Biafra agitators are terrorising us oh.” Of course, this exasperation came from another Yoruba lady! With a flustered face she cried aloud in oblivion of my presence.  On realising herself she wore a new look, rushed into the ladies’ to primp in her bid to cover it up.  I was all smile knowing that Biafra had torn her into shreds.  However,  what I found somewhat queer is why the West are interested in a unity that exists in the mind, never in reality.  Why?  Why do the West have this burning hatred for the Igbo man and his coastal brothers? And why are the West,  as lettered as they claim, still slavishly  tied to the apron strings of their unlettered northern counterpart? We still recall Pa Obafemi Awolowo’s Satanic role in the starvation and eventual killing of millions of Biafrans. 
The aforementioned complainants typify the numerous victims of this reinvigorated quest to restore Biafra.  What these fellows ought to be doing is to fashion out ways to panel-beat the badly dented image of the British construct called Nigeria.  It is most unfortunate that in lieu of resuscitating the dilapidated and battered image of this emasculated  contraption, they, the possessed choristers of a nonexistent ONE NIGERIA, have resorted to attacking the victims of sustained oppression,  subjugation, and socio-economic and political alienation.  The Biafrans these westerners lampoon and wish ill are the same people whose chain of business outfits contribute to the sustenance of the economy of Lagos.  The seaport in Lagos is a beehive of corporate activities because of the entrepreneurial artifice of hinterland Biafrans.  Now I ask,  are the West in cahoots with the North against Biafra because of hate or what they stand to lose?
Do the North and West fear what will become of the British machination called Nigeria? Is that what these vicious reactions are about?  But why is energy being channeled wrongly? Should they not be thinking of revamping the RECEDED economy that is gravitating towards DEPRESSION?  With ne’er-do-wells on the saddle of Nigeria’s ailing economy, gloomier days await Nigeria.  Biafra represents hope for the ordinary forced occupant of Nigeria.  Biafra is rising as Nigeria sets.  We are aware that it has become a very shameful thing to be called a Nigerian outside the shores of this geographical location. We are aware that wide reception follows those that are proud to identify themselves with Biafra, the sun that is billed to rise as that in Nigeria sets.  The love Biafrans have for Biafra is too strong a force to be lessened by any perceived or real local and international conspiracy. A people conscious of their nationality will never be subdued.  
Nigeria has expired.  She was concocted to last for a 100 years.  Britain,  the owner of this colony called Nigeria, saw the need for colonial experimentation.  The experimental specimen called Nigeria has failed to live up to its billing.  The experimenter (Britain)  must have overrated her specimen (Nigeria). EVERY ECONOMIC EXPERIMENT THAT HAS NIGERIA AS ITS SPECIMEN IS AN EXPECTED FAILURE.  Britain has never worn an image this damning. Her unholy romance with Nigeria has become her greatest undoing.  It does appear that Nigeria has what it takes to make Britain the target of neo-colonialism. A failure personified colony like Nigeria makes her colonial master suspect.  The situation is that horrendous. 
Biafra, a submerged nation in Nigeria has mustered the courage to rear her head again.  It is time to shame both Nigeria and Britain, the antagonists in the Biafra restoration project.  Biafra must work hard to prune herself of the nasty and retrogressive traits in Nigeria.  The rising sun must rise above religious intolerance/preference. Diverse spiritual activities give ambience to every society.  The re-emerging Sovereign States of Biafra must keep strict adherence to a particular religion at bay.  We cannot escape Nigeria for something equally bad.  No way!  We must keep the religious door open in Biafra. It is man that chooses religion and not the other way round.  Each person is entitled to his unique spiritual experience.  It is wrong to impose one on others, for spirit chooses to reveal itself to man the way IT deems necessary.  Let us leave the setting sun for the rising one with a truly progressive mind.  
True development is about the human mind.  Economic growth is about infrastructure and GDP/GNP. The indices of population growth and infrastructural development end up defining GROWTH,  not DEVELOPMENT.  Development eluded Nigeria because she never conceptualized the true indices requisite to engender development.  Rate of employment and education are necessary ingredients.  Educating liberates the mind from primitivity.  It is my submission that overt reliance on a definite pattern of spiritual reverence typifies primitive mentality inherited from Nigeria.  The way to go is to welcome with open arms everyone that has the Biafra consciousness,  his or her religion notwithstanding.  As the sun rises in Biafra may all the underdeveloping traits inherited from Nigeria set in Jesus’ name. Amen.  How can we be Children of God when some of us attack diverse religious sects? This is most ungoldly. Let God Almighty be the best judge of our religious leanings.  God bless you all.  
Russell Idatoru Sunju  Bluejack is a radical thinker, revolutionary writer,  university tutor, and socio-economic and political analyst that writes from the creeks in the coastal part of Biafra

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