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Five Reasons Why Girls Watch Football, Number 2 will shock all guys

Five Only Reasons Why Girls Watch Football

Football is a beautiful and interesting game; men live and die just for football but mysteriously women are not so interested in this game. But like everything in this world there are always exceptions and in this case too there are few women that watch football. After talking with some of those girls we found out some of the reasons why they watch football.

5. Dating Footballers

Some girls are just not that into football but only get interested when they are dating footballers. Naturally, women support the work of their men; there are girls who don’t really enjoy football but in order to support their men; they learn to watch, support and love football.

4. Admiring Masculinity

Women admire what they don’t have and watching men fighting for a ball with all their strength; using tactics, mind game, showing their virility drive women crazy. The aggressive players on the pitch when they are arguing and nearly fighting each other and their iconic celebrations after scoring goals like the one of Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo show women that they are real men and can really protect what’s theirs.

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