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Brexit, Juncker warns that Britain ‘will quickly regret leaving the EU’ after Brexit

Britain ‘will quickly regret leaving the EU’ after Brexit, Juncker warns

Britain will soon regret its vote for Brexit – and the European Union will just ‘move on’, the European Commission president said.
Jean-Claude Juncker said in a speech about the future direction that the ‘wind is back in Europe’s sails’ – and countries were knocking on Brussels’ door to do trade deals with the EU.

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Mr Juncker gave Brexit a noticeably short slot near the end of his hour-long speech, which also referred to subjects such as fish fingers.
Juncker said, ‘This will be a very sad and tragic moment in our history. We will always regret this, and I think that you will regret it as well, soon.

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Britain will quickly regret leaving the EU

Nonetheless we have to respect the will of the British people. But we are going to make progress.
‘We will move on because Brexit isn’t everything, it’s not the future of everything, it’s not the be all and end all.’Britain ‘will quickly regret leaving the EU’ after Brexit, Juncker warns
Setting out hopes for closer integration, Mr Juncker announced plans to increase passport-free movement around the EU, expand use of the euro and boost the number of member states.
He said it was ‘high time’ to bring Romania and Bulgaria into the passport-free travel area and Croatia should follow soon.
Mr Juncker said the euro is destined to become the common currency of the ‘entire’ European Union.

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